Meet the Team



 My name is Maris, I am the owner and creative director here at Black Moth. I grew up never being taught that bugs, bones, or dead things were weird. I was taught by my grandmother to take it with you and show others. She taught me how to salt skins, clean bones, and preserve insects. I personally enjoy collecting tribal masks, Native American artifacts, unusual skulls, and rocks from my Arkansas River trips. Black Moth is an incorporation of my love for teaching, art, creativity, and nature preservation. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team who also shares the same love and passions!



Hello! I’m Dan, the Lead Creative at Black Moth. Funny enough I met the founder and owner Maris in High School where she taught me art for several years before I went on to pursue art in college. After obtaining my associates in Art, I circled back to Maris and landed my dream job as a creative and artist. I get to spend each day caring for the animals in our store and creating fun pieces!






Hey there, I’m Martin! I’ve been a strong admirer of wildlife and it’s history since I could remember. I loved watching National Geographic documentaries before daycare, and Planet Earth specials after high school classes. Even my birthdays were zoology themed. I always knew I had wanted a career concerning wildlife and preservation, only I struggled to find a place I fit in. Black Moth has become that place for me, and I am forever grateful for my team and my opportunity to widen my horizons here.





Hello my name is Alyssa! I’ve been collecting natural history pieces since I started high school and have always been interested in the outdoors. I’ve collected pieces from all over the United States; elk shed from New Mexico, goat mandibles from Hawaii… you name it! I am hoping to continue my studies at some point soon so I’m able to become a Game Warden and spend all my time in nature.






Hello! My name is Morgan and I am the Digital Media Manager at Black Moth. I’ve done photography for a little over 6 years, everything from portraits and weddings to fashion and concerts. I have always loved being outside and photographing nature but this was entirely new territory for me. I specifically love photographing skulls and incorporating things found outside like wasp nests or interesting foilage. My favorite part is being able to capture the essence of Black Moth and share it online for new people to find and experience what we have to offer.