I Quit My Job

The last time I wrote a blog post was in 2018. I was 26 years old and a high school art teacher.


I was still teaching in Bixby, juggling a full time job and running Black Moth on the side. My classroom had a pile of skulls next to the sink, if you got done with your art project early you could help clean dead things. When I came back from exploring on my weekend trips I was known to give snakes or other reptiles away after class. Somehow I was never fired but decided to resign after only a few short years in the classroom. I felt there had to be something more for me. 

I was traveling with the Oddities and Curiosities show and met a really cool couple in Kansas City named Price and Melissa. I was shocked to find out they traveled from show to show as a source of income. I found it so inspiring that by the time I made it back to Oklahoma I had decided to pursue my business full time. 

I am not going to sugar coat this. No one thought this was a good idea. I was going to quit a stable job to sell dead things I collect and process. I get it, it doesn't look good. But at this point I have had my business for 4 years and have a few shows under my belt, what could go wrong?


If you were waiting for the plot twist you're wrong. It went great.


So I traveled and booked as many shows as I could. If you said I could set up, I was there. I enjoyed the whirlwind of traveling to so many places but quickly grew tired of never being home. I began to look for a location for a physical storefront in December of 2018. I continued to vend until the end of 2019, signing my lease in January of 2020. 

Again. No one thought this was a good idea. My grandmother was actually mad at me, mad that I signed a lease. So here I am, alone in an empty 3,000 sqft building, with three months to open. Spoiler, March of that year sucked, I didn't open till June 12, 2020. The store was sparse but people came, it was a day I had worked hard for. 


Now, I have been open for almost 3 years, I have a phenomenal team behind me, and I am thankful everyday to be doing something I love. I am 31, what a difference 5 years makes. Follow your dreams kids, even if they are weird. 


Haters gonna hate - Maris Blanchard 


  • atmosphaera

    this is truly inspiring!

  • Wild Hearted One

    This is pretty much what I am planning to do at the end of the year. Leave a job of 20 years to make crafting unusual items my profession. I also keep hearing “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” My answer is probably not, but I’m doing it anyway! I’m 46, so time to take the risk. But I really appreciate hearing your success story. Your creations are beautiful, and I always love visiting your site.
    Best wishes!

  • Thor

    This town and the whole world needed you to do exactly what you did. This is the you you’ve always wanted to be. Thanks for having the lady balls to share it with us :)

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